TB6X Touchless Sensor Exit Button

Touchless Sensor Exit Button Introduction

Touchless Sensor Exit Button is a new type of electronic equipment used to control the opening and closing of doors, gates, elevators and other entrances and exits. Its working principle is through the induction technology, when a person is close to the button, no need to touch to automatically recognize and trigger the switch action. Non-contact induction exit button is mainly composed of two parts: sensor and controller.

Working Principle

Touchless Sensor Exit Button is a safe and practical device that is widely used in a variety of locations, such as shopping malls, hospitals, and office buildings. It uses infrared or other wireless technology to allow people to operate the button without direct contact, thus reducing the risk of spreading germs through contact.


Power DC12-24V
Output Contact NO/NC/COM
Sensitive Distance 5-20cm(Adjustable)
LED Indicator Blue LED (Standby)、Green LED (Active)
Time Delay 0-30s(Adjustable)
Material Zinc Alloy
Operating Temp -20℃~+55℃
Operating Humidity 0-95%(Relative humidity)
Mechanical Life 500,000 Tested
Mounting Way Surface Mount
Weight 0.186kg


Product Dimension



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