Parking Heavy Duty Automatic Boom Barrier Gate Operator For Vehicle Access Gate Barriers

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Serial Number: JTBR-110
Country of Origin:Shenzhen, China
Certificate:CE, FC

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rice Quote:negotiable
Minimum Order: 1 set
Average Delivery Time:1-50 unit within 7 days, more than 50 units 7-12 days
Payment Method:T/T, Western Union, PayPal
Package Details:Standard exported wooden case
Ability to Supply:1500 set/sets per week barrier gate

Parking Heavy Duty Automatic Boom Barrier Gate Operatorr For Vehicle Access Gate Barrier System

JUTAI barrier gate remote control is designed using innovative technology and manufactured with precision machinery to guarantee satisfaction in quality and reliability for years to come. As the best barrier gate Operator supplier, we are strive to offer the best barrier gate to our customers. JUTAI barrier gate remote control has been lab tested for more than 5 millions opening / closing and still without any degrade in performance. No limit switch design minimizes mechanical wear and enchances barrier life time. JTBR-110 series also offer a complete range of arm ( folding, fence and swing out) .

Parking Heavy Duty Automatic Boom Barrier Gate Operator

Parking Heavy Duty Automatic Boom Barrier Gate Operator Specification


Model JTBR-110
Power 100w/120W
Material Cold roll plate, Galvanized plate or stainless steelvarnish baking, 3 years without fading
Running Time 1.5s, 3s, 6s
Operating Temperature -45°C to 75°C
Voltage 220V ± 10%, 110V ± 10%
Relative Humidity <90% coagulation free
Motor speed 30r/min
Boom length Max 6 meters
Net weight: 50Kg
MCBF ≥5, 000, 000 times
Housing Size 320*280*935mm
Boom Type Straight arm: Mar 1-6 meters optional,size 45×100mm  aluminum alloy.

Folding arm: 90°folding arm / 180°folding arm, aluminum alloy

Fence arm: Two or three fence arm,

Mar1- 6  meters, aluminum alloy

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Application Parking Lots, Toll Gates, Goods Yards, Railway Crossings,
Commercial Premises, Apartment Block
Traffic light 100mm traffic led light


JUTAI Parking Heavy Duty Automatic Boom Barrier Gate Applications

JUTAI barrier gate manufacturer provides the most suitbale barrier gate the mose suitable for indoor as well as outdoor parking area at airport, shopping mall, warehouse, hotel, factories, condominium, car rental companies, etc. It can also be customized to be used together with any auto-pay ticketing parking or access control system.

Barrier Gate Operator


Gate Motor: JUTAI motors are uniquely designed and patented. The motor is made of copper, Hall limiter, thermal protection.
Automatic Gate Control board: JUTAI control board adopts imported components. The circuit adopts advanced MCU and Japanese original Omron high-power relay as the core design. Using mature computer control technology, it develops a new generation intelligent control system, which realizes the intelligent control of gates and other controls.
High-quality spring:The tension and the relaxation of the spring are used to achieve a stable rise and fall of the control boom gate. The JUTAI boom gate spring is a double spring, which has the advantages of long service life and corrosion resistance.
Process materials:The thickness of the sheet metal is 2.0mm. The cabinet is designed with a waterproof structure and the surface is treated with a phosphating process. Huacai spraying, high-temperature baking, and car top coating make the chassis in the outdoor harsh environment. It has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, anti-rust, anti-ultraviolet radiation and sun exposure, which is not easy to have the problem of color fading. Compared with other company’s 1.5mm cabinets, it is more durable and not easy to fade color.
Bottom anti-dip strip:In areas with heavy rain, the gates are often easily immersed in water containing acidic and viscous materials, causing the cabinet to be damaged by corrosion and rust. JUTAI barrier gates are intimately provided with anti-dip strips, which greatly increases the product servicing life.
Anti-collision boom: JUTAI automatic boom gates are equipped with an anti-collision arm. When receiving the impulse generated by the impact of the vehicle, the brakes will quickly bounce back to prevent the car from breaking and will not damage the motor.
Double protection against damage: JUTAI also provides infrared photocell beam sensors and vehicle loop detectors for anti-smashing vehicles

Barrier Gate Operator

Parking Heavy Duty Automatic Boom Barrier Gate Operator/ Automatic Boom Barrier Gate Operator/Boom Barrier Gate Operator/Barrier Gate Operator/ JUTAI

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