Parking System With Auto Pay Project

APS Function Introduction
JUTAI Autopay Station are mainly used for Centre payment channels toll systems or Mix Toll Payment. They are mainly used in large shopping malls or places with large traffic such as stations and airports. They are distributed in parking lots or shopping malls. When vehicles in parking lots need to appear At the time, you can make self-service payment on the self-service renewal machine in advance for a certain period of time. After the payment is completed, you can automatically pay the card at the exit, or directly after the license plate recognition is successful. The payment method can be divided into IC card reading and license plate number inquiry, and the payment method can be divided into banknote payment, coin payment, and WeChat scan code payment. The paying machine comes with a change function. When paying with cash, the self-service payment oppotunity automatically changes according to the charge amount and the received amount. The banknotes and coins can be changed to zero. The specific change method can be set on the management software.

APS (Automatic Pay station inside main including Inductrial Pannel,Display Monitor,Banknote recycling machine,Coin Receiver,Coin Exhange Device,printer,Automatic Card Collector, IO Expansion Pannel,Details refer to following  photo;The industrial control computer is the control core of the whole system, and other external settings communicate with the main board through RS232, so the industrial control board needs multiple COM ports.
The industrial computer and the system server are connected to the same local area network through the switch, and the payment records, the entry and exit records, photos and other data are stored in the database on the server. This architecture can ensure the security of the data, even if one of the self-service payment machines Failure to operate, other parts of the system can still work normally, and the admission, charges, etc. are not affected.

The LCD display is connected to the main board through a VGA, and the LCD has a touch function, and the common configuration of the self-service payment machine can be performed through the touch screen. In addition, it can also be used for customer operations to cancel charges, mandatory card withdrawals, etc.

APS Main Accessories
Industrial Mother Panel
As the control core of the entire self-service payment machine, the industrial control board runs the charging software and controls all the external devices in the self-service payment machine, and is responsible for real-time communication with the server. The industrial control board contains hardware devices such as CPU, memory, and hard disk.
Technical Parameter

❀ Working Voltage:12V

❀ Height Frequency:1.9GHz

❀ Memory:4GB

❀ Harddisk:SSD 128G

❀ Video Port:VGA/DVI

❀ Touch Display:Support(System support is required, corresponding driver is required)

❀ Internet Port:2Pcs

❀ USB Port:4 Pcs

❀ RS232 Port:6Pcs

❀ Audio Output:3.5mm 1pcs

❀ Working Temp:-20~65 Degree

LCD Display
Advantage Introduction

1. The overall streamlined industrial aesthetic concept design, ultra-thin 3MM front frame, embedded installation, perfectly fits the terminal equipment, presents a pure flat panel effect;

2. Adopt industrial sound-permeable material technology, built-in horn on the back cover, meet the requirements of industrial dustproof and waterproof;

3. The arc side plate heat dissipation structure design is made of aluminum alloy material to maximize the heat dissipation effect;

4. The whole machine is fully enclosed design, IP65 dustproof and waterproof grade, suitable for outdoor self-service terminals, industrial automation and other environments;

ICT banknote receiver
JUTAI The banknote receiver inside the self-service payment machine combines improved banknote sensing technology and a lightweight and durable plastic appearance structure. It also has features such as fast software download, automatic sensing adjustment system, and easy maintenance to increase the banknote acceptance rate. Effectively reduce the chance of jamming.

❀ Diversified banknote width options’

❀ Can identify multiple currencies

❀ New generation identification system

❀ Anti-fishing banknote technology

❀ Automatic Correction Function

❀ Appearance adopts lightweight and durable plastic structure

❀ Cash transfer with fast speed

❀ Can selection muliti type different surface

❀ Color Pannle light

❀ Easy Maintance

❀ Fast Program download


❀ Collecting Rate:>96%

❀ Note: Except for dirty, damp, damaged or overly wrinkled banknotes

❀ Collecting time:about 3s till press cash ending

❀ Collecting Surface:4 surface of cash can detect

❀ Signal  surface:Pulse, RS232, RS232A0,ccNet(compatible),MDB

❀ Weight:1.4KG

❀ Cash Capacity:about 500pcs

Note: The security of the banknote is very high to prevent theft.

Cash Dispenser
The cash dispenser is small in size and large in capacity, and has the function of learning mode, which can be flexibly used to set the country’s banknotes; through the display panel, with buttons, simple setting methods, easier to operate and use.

❀ Supports a wide range of voltages. Through learning, you can support banknotes from various countries and improve the accuracy of banknotes.

❀ Support USB Pen Drive update program,Easy to carry by maintenance personnel.

❀ Simple display board with buttons, easier setting operation.

❀ Locked cash drawer for added security.

❀ Small volume design, more effective use of space.


❀ Cash Issue Speed:2.5pcs/s

❀ Port Surface:Pulse, RS232, Hopper,ICT Protocol

❀ Installation Place:In home

❀ Power Supply:12-24VDC, Under DC12V;

❀ Stand-by Current:About 0.1A

❀ Working Current:About 1.8A

❀ Maximum current consumption:≦4.5A; Under DC24V:

❀ Stand-by Current:About 0.1A

❀ Working Current:About 1A

❀ Maximum current consumption:≦3.5A

❀ Operation temperature:0-55 degree

❀ Store Tempture:-30-70 degee

❀ Cash Capacity:about 800-1000 pcs cash

❀ Cash Size:width:62-77mm  length:120-160mm  thickness:0.08-0.125mm

❀ Weight:about 5kg

Receipt Printer
The ticket printer is used to print the payment receipt. When the customer’s payment is completed, the self-service payment opportunity prompts the customer whether they need to print the receipt. If necessary, the charging software prints the charge ticket in a fixed format.
Technical Parameter

❀ Woring Supply:DC12V

❀ Working Current:3A(Peak Value)

❀ Working Tempture:-10℃~80℃

❀ Comm Way:RS232

❀ Pringting Speed:90mm/s

❀ Printing width:48mm

❀ Paper width:58mm
Different receipts

1. Parking fee 1000, Paid 1000, Change 0

2. Parking fee 1000, Paid 1000, Change 3000, Debit 600 ( Insufficient money in cash dispenser)
3. When put the money to the cash dispenser,it will have the new receipt.
4. Parking fee 1000, Paid 5000, Change 4000

IO Expansion Panel
Since the industrial computer motherboard does not have an IO signal input interface, an IO expansion board is required to receive the IO signal, and the current state and changes of the IO are transmitted to the charging software. For example, the very open door detection of the payment machine needs to connect the output signal of the micro switch to the IO board. When the door of the payment machine is opened, it will be detected by the charging software, which can generate alarm signals and records.
Technical Parameter

❀ Size:58mm*115mm

❀ Working Power Supply:DC12V

❀ Working Humidity:-40℃~80℃

❀ Relative Humidity:≤95%

❀ Comm Way:RS485/RS232,9600,N,8,1

❀ COMM Distance:RS485:1000米/RS232-10米

❀ Drive Cuerno:4 ohm/8 ohm 4-10W

❀ Relay Output:4 channels

❀ OC Output:4 channels

❀ OptocouplerInput:3 channels

❀ IO Input:3 channels

IC Card Collector
The automatic card collecting machine is mainly used in the self-service payment machine to transport the IC card to the card reading area of the IC reader when the card is inserted into the payment machine, and notify the charging software, and the charging software will start the IC reader. Work while avoiding read and write failures caused by accidental movement of the card during reading and writing of the IC card;
Technical Parameter

❀ Working Supply:24V DC(Max Current with 2A,Quiescent Current0.1A)

❀ Working temp:-20~65℃

❀ Working Hummidity:30-90%(Relative Hummidity, No Condensation)

❀ Using Condition:Installed in a cabinet(No direct sunlight and excessive dust and oil)

❀ Card Size:Width:54±0.5 mm、Length:85±0.5 mm、Thickness:0.3– 2.5 mm(can adjusted)(Note:EX-Factory thinkness as 0.8mm)

❀ Card Material:Various paper cards or polyester cards

❀ Net Weight:700g

❀ Recycle Time:Fast Speed as 0.5s

❀ Control Port:TTL(TTL Available),RS232(SDPP Protocol)

IC Card Reader
The IC card reader is installed on the automatic card collecting machine. When the card is transported by the card collecting machine to the reader/writer area, the charging software controls the IC card reader to read the entry time and other information. Write information such as payment time and payment amount to the IC card.
Technical Parameter

❀ Size:65mm x 58mm x 13mm

❀ Working Supply:DC5V

❀ Working Temp:-40℃~80℃

❀ Working Frequency:13.56M

❀ Relative Humidity:≤95%

❀ Comm Way:RS232

❀ Card Type:mifare1 S50、mifare1 S70、mifare UltraLight、mifare Pro、mifare Desfire

❀ Reading Distance:5~7cm(IC Card)

❀ Reading Time:<0.3S

Two Ways For Parking Payment
Manual Charging Point and Self-service payment machine
The whole principle is that we drive into the parking lot and pick up the card/ticket at the entrance of the parking lot. We can choose to pay by the self-service payment machine, or choose to pay at the manual toll point. If we pay at the exit manual toll point, we have to Give the card/ticket to the toll collector. By reading the card or scanning the paper ticket, the POS machine will know the entry time and the vehicle stay time, and the charging screen will display the charging amount. After the payment is completed, the cash box Will pop up, and the system will print a receipt after payment finished.

After paid the fee, we insert the card/ticket into the exit terminal. After the card/ticket is recovered, a signal will be feedback to the management center. After the management center verifies, the control panel will give an opening signal to the barrier and the exit The gate is automatically opened and released.

The whole principle is that we drive into the parking lot and pick up the card/ticket at the entrance of the parking lot. When we are ready to leave the parking lot, we go to the self-service payment machine and insert the card/ticket. The LCD screen will display the amount to be paid. Insert paper money or coins, the system will change and print the receipt. When the payment is completed,  IC card will be exited, we take the IC card to the exit, insert the IC card/ticket to the exit terminal, and the card/ticket will be collected,  A signal is sent to the management center. After the management center verifies, the control panel will give an opening signal to the barrier, and the exit barrier will automatically open and release.


Entry/Exit Terminal
Technical Data

❀ Display Specification: LCD display with 8 inch

❀ Cabinet material:SPCC 2.0mm

❀ Surface:Degreasing – derusting – pickling – phosphating – primer – coating – high temperature paint

❀ Communicate Port:TCP

❀ Apply tempture:-40℃~+80℃

❀ Relative humidity:10%~+95%

❀ Cards type:IC/Ticket/ID
Main Advantage

1. Smooth design lines, simple and elegant, with black imported tempered acrylic, low profile luxury, stylish, durable, wear-resistant

2. The main body of the chassis adopts 2.0MM thick cold-rolled plate, which has strong acid and alkali corrosion resistance and long service life.

3. The bottom layer of galvanized rust, surface fluorocarbon paint spray, rain, corrosion resistance, anti-aging for indoor and outdoor all kinds of places

4. Designed with good heat dissipation and cooling methods, high system stability under high temperature and humid working environment.

5.Appearance patents with independent intellectual property rights have advanced design concepts in the industry, there is no special use environment requirements

Charging POS PC


Main Controller

❀ D525 industrial controller

❀ 2 group USB pin

❀ Support 4 pcs USB2.0 port

❀ 2 fan connectors to connect CPU and system fan

❀ 1 group Front sound effect pin

❀ 1 group Serial port pin(Support 232)

❀ 1 pcs 1X12PIN VGA pin.

❀ 1 group LVDS pin(single 18 bit)

❀ 4 pcs USB2.0 port

❀ 1 pcs VGA port

❀ 1pcs COM input port

❀ 1pcs LPT port

❀ 1 pcs LAN port

❀ 1 pcs audio port

❀ 1 pcs PS2

❀ 0% ~ 95%(Relative humidity, non-condensing)

❀ CPU: Intel ATOM D525 two core 1.8GHz

❀ Memory:DDR3 4G

❀ Hard disk:2.5″ 1000Gmechanical hard disk

❀ Video card:Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3150

❀ Newworkcard:Onboard 10/100Mbps adaptive network card

❀ Sound Card:Onboard high-fidelity integrated sound card

❀ Monitor:Display area: 14.1 inches. Visual angle: (Horizontal: 120 degrees / Vertical: 100 degrees). Operating temperature: 0-50 degrees.

❀ The best resolution: 1024 (H) * 768 (V) @ 60-70Hz, SVGA. Contrast: 500:1. Brightness: 400cd/m2. Power consumption: 20W.

❀ Fee Display:8-digit high-brightness LED

❀ Cash box:101 keyboard POS special keyboard

❀ Keybroad:Long 405MM*Wide 420MM*High 90MM Three Lock High-end Cashbox

❀ Power :AV 100~240V 50/60Hz 3.5A

❀ Working status:-10~40℃;35~80%RH;

❀ Save status:-10~50℃;20~90%RH

Receipt Printer Details


❀ High printing speed:90millimeter/120millimeter

❀ Printing way:Direct line thermal sensitivity

❀ Roll Paper Size:57.5±0.5mm(Width)

❀ Print density:384point/line

❀ Character Size:ANK type,front A:12*24 Point  FronB:9*17 Point

❀ Chinese Words:24*24point

❀ Printing Command:Compatible with ESC/POS Command

❀ Port type:RS232/USB/TCP/IP;Parallel Port

❀ Automatic paper cutter:cutter can adjustable

❀ Reliability: 50km

❀ Barcode type:UPC-AUPC-E  / JAN13(EAN13) / JAN8(EAN8) / CODE39 / ITF / CODABAR / CODE93 / CODE128

❀ Paper thickness:006-0.08mm

❀ Power input:AC-110V/220V,50-60HZ

❀ Power Output:DC12V,2.6A

❀ Printer input:DC12V,2.6A

❀ Cash box control:DC12V/1A

❀ Working temp:0-45 degree

❀ Relative Humidity:10-80%

❀ Save Status:-10-60 degree

❀ Humidity:10-90%

❀ Operation System:Windows/LINUX

Autopay machine operation

1. Enter the background: click the Auto Pay Station Logo on the title multiple times

2. Pass username:123456        password:123456        Enter the background
3. Button Function
(1) Settlement: Checkout button. After pressing this button, the report printer will print a checkout report. The checkout operation is based on operational needs. You can checkout once a day, check the cash box, and change the amount in the change box.
(2) Validator Status: Paper currency status button, click to enter the paper currency status page:

On this page, the number of currency sheets in the banknote machine will be displayed.

Among them, Replace is the button that needs to be clicked after removing the banknotes after removing the cash box. After clicking, APS will reset the cash box amount to 0 yuan, and will print a [Withdraw cash box] report.
Accept Test is a test button for receiving money. After clicking it, the banknote machine is activated and the coin can be tested.


(3) Dispenser Status : Change machine status button, click to enter the change machine status page:

This page will display the remaining number of banknotes in the change machine.

Add banknote button: when the operator adds banknotes to the change machine, he needs to use this button to input the number of added banknotes, and correspond to it (software and actual number), so that the operation can let the software know whether the banknote change machine is enough Change the amount.

The report will be printed after setting the number of sheets.

(4) Stop Alarm: Close the alarm button: If you don’t click this button, open the door of the aps box directly, and the APS will sound an alarm.
(5) Close Software: Close Software Button.
4. Checkout process
After entering the background, first click settment to checkout, and then proceed to change the cash box and add coins in turn.