JUTAI Gatelink Mini USB automatic door opening systen

Product introduction

Gate Link Mini USB intelligent induction door opening system is composed of transmitter,receiver and antenna.The transmitter is changed from the previous car cigarette lighter socket transmitter to a USB interface transmitter , which is not only more convenient , but also does not occupy the car cigarette lighter position,a simple but not simple set of equipment , open your intelligence life.

Remote controller for adding or delete ID.

This remote controller is only used for adding and deleting ID numbers. Pressing the left button, the receiver will enter the adding mode, and information will be read after 6 seconds. Keep the USB or remote controller within the working range of the receiver, and the PIN code PIN code must be consistent. If there is no USB or remote controller information within 10 seconds, it will exit the ID adding mode. Press the right button of the remote controller to enter the delete mode to empty all information.

JUTAI Gatelink Mini USB automatic door opening system


JUTAI Gatelink Mini USB advantage:

1 . Gatelink Mini USB smart sensor door opening system


2 . When the car is driven to the induction range of the motor signal , the door will open automatically without pressing the remote control .

Your door only recognizes your car


3 . After the car is turned off , or the signal sensing out of the range , the automatic door closing function of the motor will close the door after a set time


4 . Completely realized that you can open and close the door without pressing any button any Key


5 .  A transmitter can be equipped with 32 Gatelink Mini USB













Sign Parameter
COM1 Common Terminal of Relay 1
REL1 Normally Open / Close Terminal of Relay 1
COM2 Common Terminal of Relay 2
REL2 Normally Open / Close Terminal of Relay 2
COM3 Common Terminal of Relay 3
REL3 Normally Open / Close Terminal of Relay 3
COM4 Common Terminal of Relay 4
REL4 Normally Open / Close Terminal of Relay 4
OPEN Signal sent out via Relay after the Short-circuit between OPEN and GND
FUN All ID number Deleted after the Short-circuit between FUN and GND : New ID number Saved after the Short-circuit between VCC and FUN
GND Ground
VCC 12-24VDC


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