RVP42R Remote Control For Motion Radar Sensor

Detection Area

The microwave range offers a narrow or wide detection area that makes it suitable for all types of installations. The narrow setting is easy to set by simply clicking the narrow lens on to the radar module. By turning the module left or right and tilting it up and down the microwave can be adjusted quickly and easily for many different applications. No external set-up device is needed. Adjust the detection area with Sensitivity potentiometer.


Working voltage 4.5V(3*AAA)
Operating current 29mA
Remote control distance 15m
Remote control angle -30℃~+60℃
Working temperature <60°
Relative humidity 0-95%RH(Non-condensing)
Size 141mm*76mm*31mm
Meterial ABS
Weight 135g


Function And Advantage

1.Standard industrial door, distinguishbetween pedestrians and vehicles,different relay output.

2.Standard industrial door, test vehicleonly, relay 2 output.

3.Standard industrial door, only detectpedestrian, relay 1 output.

4.Standard industrial doors,pedestriansand vehicles, relay 2 output.

5.Standard industrial doors, pedestriansand vehicles, different relay outputs.

6.High speed industrial door, test vehicleonly, relay 2 output.

7.High speed industrial doors, pedestriansand vehicles, relay 2 output.

8.High speed industrial doors,pedestriansand vehicles, different relay outputs.

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