JUTAI Clouds Visitor Management System

System Introduction
Visitor management Kiosk, It is mainly placed at the entrance of the community, and the on-duty officer performs on-site registration and management of all personnel entering the community to prevent strangers from entering the community at will and affecting the safety in the area.
Visitors who need to enter the community need to present a valid certificate before entering. After registering on-site by the duty officer, enter or scan the QR code information on the entrance keyboard reader or with the PIN of the door to enter normally.
System Operator Sign In
Note: “Login” here refers to the attendant logging in to the visitor kiosk, not the guest staff logging in to the kiosk.
The staff on duty need to register their identity information in the visitor system first, and then enter the registered mailbox number/mobile phone number and password on the kiosk before they can log in.